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The 5 Main Causes of Noisy Pipes

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

Noisy pipes often bring about concerns about a pending pipe break or the cost to fix broken pipes. Thankfully, not every sound is the precursor to an imminent disaster. However, your pipes shouldn't be making too much racket, and if they are, then one of five reasons is likely the culprit.

  • Water Hammer
  • Toilets
  • Loose Pipes
  • Worn Out Washer
  • Main Shut-Off Valve

Water Hammer
If you hear a loud thud or clunk every time you turn off a faucet, then you are likely dealing with what is commonly referred to as water hammer. When you turn off the sink, the water in the line comes to an abrupt stop with no air cushion, causing the noise. While water hammer may not result in a pipe burst, it may result in leaks.

You are likely familiar with the rushing water sound after flushing a toilet. However, have you ever heard rattling or banging at the end of the filling cycle? You likely have a ballcock issue.

Loose Pipes
Loose pipes can result in odd sounds and an eventual pipe break if left un-remedied. If you suspect loose pipes under your home, then you should contact a plumbing specialist in Evansville, to correct the problem.

Worn Out Washer
Another easy fix is a worn-out washer in a faucet. When you notice a whistling or hissing noise, you likely have a washer issue. However, this isn't the only cause of squeaky pipes.

Main Shut-Off Valve
If you hear squeaking that resonates through the entire house, then you may have a problem with your main shut-off valve. For a main shut-off valve problem, you will likely need to contact a professional.
Again, not every strange sound is a prelude to a pipe break. Many noises stem from easy fixes like worn ballcock assemblies or washers, but sometimes, you may need to contact a professional to assess the underlying issues.

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