Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Floor Removal Specialist

SERVPRO of East Evansville professionals are highly trained and knowledgeable about floor removal. The removal of flooring is an almost everyday process for our... READ MORE


Clean-up after a fire is a complex task. Not only is it emotionally difficult, but it also presents many physical challenges and can be extremely dangerous. Cle... READ MORE

We Are Not In The Movies

Unlike fires in the movies, the smoke from a house fire can be so thick that your house would be completely dark in 4 minutes, even with all the lights on! Due ... READ MORE

Soot damaged American flag box

A local SERVPRO of East Evansville customer had an American flag placed into a custom wooden box in memory of her son who gave his life in service to our countr... READ MORE

Dishwasher Floods Kitchen

Homeowners throughout Evansville have turned to SERVPRO of East Evansville in their time of need. This dishwasher flooded the kitchen of an Evansville homeowner... READ MORE